What We Provide

You can count on Black Hawk Eviction Service, LLC to not only meet but exceed all your needs and requests. 

Black Hawk Eviction Service offers a variety of eviction services that can be customized based on your specific requirements. Our goal is to exceed your expectations without exceeding your budget. We want to make your eviction and/or move to go as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Let us partner with you to understand your unique eviction/moving service needs.

Black Hawk


Don't waste time hoping a non-paying tenant will pay you or move out. When you have Tenants in your Properties that aren't paying or are in violation of their Rental/Lease Contract, you need to act quickly to minimize the amount of possible property damage and lost money.

We facilitate evictions for but not limited to:

  • Apartment Complex (Any Size)

  • Commercial (Businesses)

  • Independent Property Owners

  • Foreclosures

  • Mobile Homes


Black Hawk is proudly serving the apartment complexes cleaning needs, this allows you to focus on your business while giving your employees and customers a clean environment.

We can offer you:

  •  Wall-to-Wall Vacuuming of All Carpeted Floors

  •  Sweeping & Mopping of All Hard Floors

  •  Floors washed and disinfected

  •  Dust baseboards, window sills, vents, baseboards, shelves, ledges, and light fixtures

  •  Clean and disinfect toilets

  •  Baseboards dusted and wiped down

  •  Discard any trash

  •  Clean small countertop appliances

  •  Clean refrigerator exterior

  •  Clean refrigerator interior

  •  Top and front of stove cleaned

  •  Remove Cobwebs                                                       And Much More . . .

Please call us today or complete our online free residential cleaning estimate form to receive a full cleaning service price quote.


  • Our team of professional movers are experienced/and trained in all aspects of moving but also, have the ability to respect and respond to the sensitive situations that we know may occur with evictions.

  • A Friendly & Trustworthy Staff

  • We'll always provide before and after digital photography of all work performed.

  • We also provide on-site service when you need extra help cleaning out your property after a tenant vacates.

  • Choose between an itemized fee schedule or a flat-rate fee.

  • Last minute moving service provided (at addition charges)

  •  Free, accurate estimates.

  • Guaranteed Price Agreements

 Let Us Help...We Do It All...

 Learn more today about Black Hawk various services to help you. I realize that you have a choice in eviction companies. It is my hope that you will select us, and allow us the honor to work with you.

 In order to start your eviction immediately please email us today for our eviction packet.

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